Curriculum Vitae

Ann-Kirstine Christiansen
is an organist at Møgeltønder church, the church was until 1970 belonging to the royal castle "Schakenborg". The church is being used for royal celebrations in 2002 and 2008.

Furthermore she is the citycarillonneur of Løgumkloster's King Frederik IX's Carillon,

....and a professor and head of the Department of the Scandinavian Carillon School.

She was earlier employed as an organist and cantor (choir master): at a church in the second largest city in Denmark, Århus, the church's name was Brabrand church, and she was employed there for 11 years from 1991-2002.

She is educated as organist and cantor at the Fynske Musikkonservatorium in Odense

- and after that she was educated at the Scandinavian Carillon School in Løgumkloster with the graduate title:  
Maître Carillonneur.

She is the first carillonneur in Scandinavia with a soloist début (in 1997).

Further studies occurred also in England at York Minister with Sir David Potter, autumn 2003, within hand bells and English change ringing.

York Minister is the largest medieval cathedral in Northern Europe.

In autumn 2006 she studied carillon construction and modern improvisation with Timothy Hurd QSM , Wellington War Memorial, New Zealand.

For 8 years she served as President for NSCK (1999-2007) (NSCK = Nordisk Selskab for Campanologi og Klokkespil.)

She is an Executive Member and Secretary of European Affairs within WCF.
(World Carillon Federation)

Back in 2002 she was invited by the Australian Government as soloist and guest professor at a Master class over 10 days at the National Capital Authority Monument in the capital Canberra.
She was re-invited in February 2008.

Go on a virtual tour inside a modern carillon tower

Other Master classes have been performed in Denmark.

Prizes won from 1993-1998: Twice at Sct. Rombout in Mechelen, at the Queen Fabiola-contest in Belgium, largest international contest for carillonneurs
(she is still so far the only prize-winning Nordic carillonneur).
Both time she ended up becoming a finalist (there are 6 finalists at this contest).
The first time in 1993 she achieved a 4th place and she was back then the first woman ever to become a finalist, the second time in 1998 she achieved the 3rd place and she became the highest positioned foreigner of all participants.

She also won some prizes at smaller competitions in France
(at Douai and at Miribel).

Hereafter she began working as a judge at contests (Hamburg)

Concerts Worldwide:
Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Spain, Great Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand,
U.S.A. (8 times), Canada and two around the world concert tours.

CD: Ejnar Trærup Sark’s entire works: Søren Gleerup Hansen (Ringsted) at the organ
and Ann-Kirstine Christiansen on the Norwegian Travelling Carillon; the cd was recorded on a mountain in Norway) March 2001.

Editor of carillon music.

At the time she was president of the NSCK, she was responsible for 3 Nordic conferences
(In Sweden 2001, in Norway 2004 and in Finland 2007).

The Inter-Nordic conference "Heavy Metal" occurred under the Melody Grand Prix at the capital Helsinki (Finland) and was supported by the largest Nordic cultural foundation:
The Nordic Cultural Foundation.

She was also responsible for the World Carillon Federations (WCF) World Congress in Oslo (Norway) in 2004;

- protector for this congress was the Norwegian Queen Sonja and this congress was also supported by foundation from the royal Danish foundation:

Dronning Margrethe
og Prins Henriks Fond.